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I am currently completing my Certification to become a Herbal Consultant while studying and using Nature's Sunshine's products.
Nature's Sunshine has the  highest quality herbal, vitamin, mineral and nutritional supplements available worldwide.  Nature’s Sunshine has over 200 products that are organic, gluten free and made in their own independent manufacturing facility.  Each product is put through over 600 tests before they reach the market and are NSP certified.

Color Of Toxins


YellowGreen - The kidneys, bladder, urinary tract, female/prostate area

Orange - the joints

Brown - the liver, tobacco, cellular debris

Black - the liver

White Foam - the lymphatic system

White Cheese like particles - candida/yeast

Black Flecks - heavy metals

Red Flecks - blood clot material

Vitamin Analysis


Vitamins are organic compounds required by living organisms as vital nutrients. They perform many important functions in the body including: hormone-like functions; cell and tissue growth regulators; antioxidants and metabolic catalysts. Deficiencies in various vitamins may be at the root of common health problems

Take this quiz to see what vitamins You may need:

Body Systems Questionnaire
Take the body system's questionnaire to find out which body systems need improvement and what products are available to help improve the function of those body systems.

Take the body systems questionnaire to see what body systems you can improve



Chinese Constitution Type 

Take this quiz and find out what Chinese elements you are excess and deficient in.

Take the chinese constitution quiz

The Biofeedback Scan will take the guesswork out of choosing  supplements.  Find out what your body is telling you.  The scan takes just a few minutes to reveal very accurate information that resonates with each client. Clients with existing health conditions are always surprised to see when they are confirmed on the scan

Biofeedback Scan

Take the guesswork out of choosing the correct vitamins, superfoods

and herbal supplements with a Biofeedback Scan (when you book any service) 

The biofeedback scan will read the biomarkers in your electro magnetic field and

determine which ones are out of range.  Nature’s Sunshine has

over 200 products that are organic, gluten free and made in their own independent

manufacturing facility. Let me help bring you into balance!

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