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Biofeedback will take the guesswork out of choosing the right Supplements

-Jolene Joy - 


Ever struggled to know what supplements to take to meet your wellness goals? With biofeedback technology this information is no longer a mystery.  

The Zyto balance is a computerized biofeedback scan, a bio-energetic scanner that provides stimuli and gathers information of the bodies energy to assess what the body needs right now. It can provide insight into your personal wellness and can provide insights that may have gone unnoticed previously.


During a scan, the clients hand rests on a sensor that sends impulses to the persons body and reads  the electrical and chemical responses. It shows the biomarkers that are out of range meaning they need support based on the individuals own energies and shows a list of supplements in order of priority (usually 3-5).  This technology is used in medicine and shows high accuracy in its findings. The scan will  recommend the correct products that will bring the biomarkers back into balance. It detects things as simple as constipation and recommends the right product such a psyllium hulls, to more serious issues and detects a thyroid issue and recommends essential minerals such as chromium. 

Its a safe and effective way to improve your families health and wellness. It can be performed on people with electronic implants, transplanted organs as well as children.

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