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                             Recieve a FREE Biofeedback Scan with Any Service Below

Biofeedback Scan                                                                     $20

Reflexology                                                                              $70

Reflexology/Indian Head Massage/Ion Cleanse                $140

Reflexology & Ion Cleanse                                                    $95

Reflexology & Indian Head Massage                                   $95

Indian Head Massage & Reiki                                              $95

Couples Reflexology & Ion Cleanse                                    $190

Ion Cleanse                                                                              $35 (Packages Available See Below)

Indian Head Massage                                                             $45

Reiki                                                                                          $70

Access Conciousness Bars                                                      $70

Ion Cleanse Packages ( Shareable)

6   Sessions $165 (20% savings of    $42)

14 Sessions $290 (40% Savings of $196)

Biofeedback Scan

Take the guesswork out of choosing the correct vitamins, superfoods

and herbal supplements with a Biofeedback Scan (when you book any service) 

The biofeedback scan will read the biomarkers in your electro magnetic field and

determine which ones are out of range.  Nature’s Sunshine has

over 200 products that are organic, gluten free and made in their own independent

manufacturing facility. Let me help bring you into balance!

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